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Home Owner Warranty Law
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The Home Owner Warranty Act provided homeowners with legally mandated warranty coverage for their newly constructed homes. It required that home builders register with the State to ensure the quality of the homebuilding industry. The main requirements elements of the Act are the registration and warranty requirements. The New Home Warranty and Builders’ Registration Act has two components, the builder’s repair requirement, and the warranty policy. It provides ten-year coverage for defects in workmanship, materials, and systems in a new home. First, it makes the builder the new home’s warrantor. If there are covered defects in workmanship, materials, or systems, the builder must repair them. Second, the builder must pay for a warranty policy to cover the repairs if they do not perform them themselves. If it is found that the builder should have made the repairs but didn’t, the New Home Warranty Security Fund will fund the repairs.

The scope of coverage changes on a declining scale as time elapses after completion. During the first year – coverage includes major structural defects, defective workmanship, systems, materials, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, appliances, fixtures, and equipment. During the first two years – coverage includes electrical, plumbing, mechanical, systems, and major structural defects. During the third through tenth years – the range consists of major structural defects only.

Private plans are required to provide claims, complaints, and payment procedures, which must give an attempt at informal resolution.

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